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Our Vision

As PACE, we are united by the vision of creating a platform for the cooperation of national associations for Public Affairs in Europe. In our roles as Public Affairs professionals, we strive to contribute to political decision-making processes in a responsible and transparent manner. Our endeavor is to accompany the evolving regulatory framework for lobbying from the perspective of the Public Affairs industry with a unified voice in European countries. United in diversity - what applies to the EU also applies to the national association of Public Affairs organizations united within PACE. Yet for PACE, Europe does not end at the borders of the EU: with members from the entire European continent, we aim to create a common framework for the European public affairs industry.

Our Mission

PACE is the voice of the Public Affairs community in European countries. We draw on the potential of our members and offer a platform for sharing knowledge, exchanging experiences and holding debates on developments that affect us as an industry. For instance, PACE has recently started a debate on quality management in political consulting and brought the topic from national discussions to a common European forum. [option: LINK to QM discussion paper] The central potential of PACE is the networking and exchange of ideas among each other, which PACE promotes through annual conferences: as a community, we share national experiences in the field of lobbying regulation or other industry relevant topics and provide support for the creation of national public affairs associations. Professionals who wish to establish a lobbying association in their respective can benefit from the community as Associate Members even during the foundation phase of their association à No button “read more” needed .

Our Values

As the association of public affairs professionals in Europe, we are convinced that the representation of interests is an integral part of a functioning democratic system. Acting at the interface between the worlds of politics and business, Public Affairs plays a key role as transmission belt for interests to be articulated in decision-making processes. This role, however, also entails a high level of responsibility and a need for and integral and transparent behavior: For this reason, Public Affairs professionals organized in PACE understand the following basic values as the foundation for their professional activities: Truthfulness, Transparency, Fairness, Incompatibility, Confidentiality and Loyalty.

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Transparency Interests Democracy




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Past News

May 29

The Public Affairs Community of Europe Summit in Bucharest marks the largest expansion of the organization since its establishment

Bucharest, Romania, 27 May 2024 For 2 days, Bucharest has been the European capital of public affairs. On Thursday, May 23, representatives of the Public Affairs Community of Europe (PACE), in partnership with the Romanian Lobby Registry Association, organized the Annual PACE Summit. Furthermore, on Friday, May 24, PACE elected its new leadership. Thus, for… View Article

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May 08

2024 PACE Conference & General Assembly in Bucharest, Romania

This year’s International PACE Event will be hosted by the The Romanian Lobby Registry Association and the Public Affairs Community of Europe (PACE). When We cordially invite you to participate in this two-day event on 23rd of May at the Romanian Senate, located at Calea 13 Septembrie 1-3, in Bucharest, Romania. The General Assembly will… View Article

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Dec 06

PACE participates in the Constitutional Committee of the British Parliament to discuss lobbying rules in Europe

The president of the Public Affairs Community of Europe (PACE), Maria Rosa Rotondo, along with Matti Van Hecke, Head of Secretariat of EPACA and Board Member of PACE  – The European Public Affairs Consultancies’​ Association and new Board Member of PACE, appeared before the Constitutional Committee of the British Parliament on Tuesday 6th of December… View Article

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Oct 24

The Public Affairs Community of Europe (PACE) holds its 12th yearly public affairs summit in Brussels

The Public Affairs Community of Europe (PACE) members gathered for its annual event on the 20th & 21st October. This is the 12th edition of the event that forms part of the yearly public affairs summit, hosted by the Belgian Public Affairs Association (BEPACT) in Brussels. The PACE face-to-face event has returned in full-force after… View Article

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Sep 26


PACE is pleased to invite you to its annual meeting, which this year will be hosted by its Belgian member Bepact. You can participate both in real life or virtually, please confirm your preference by replying with your name and organization to More information on the panel guests will follow shortly. AGENDA & INFORMATION… View Article

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Jan 24

Lobbying in Europe: French chapter. Powered by PACE

The French political agenda will be rich at the beginning of 2022, with the opening of the French presidency of the EU for 6 months and the presidential and legislative elections to come in Spring. After DeGePol and Dominik Maier, the Association Française des Conseils en Lobbying et Affaires Publiques (AFCL – French Association of… View Article

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Nov 17

Lobbying in Europe: Germany chapter. Powered by PACE

In order to give visibility to the vibrant Public Affairs arena in the European countries, the PACE has decided to launch a new series of online events to allow the growing community of professionals to have an in depth look at the situation of lobbying across Europe, share experiences, best practices, and connect with colleagues… View Article

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Jul 12

PACE appoints new Board Members for the next three years and welcomes the French lobbying association

On the 10th of June, 2021 the Public Affairs Community of Europe (PACE) gathered via electronic means in order to carry out the 11th Annual General Assembly. In this way, the PACE Board members decided to maintain what has been a core component of the network for over a decade: the annual exchange with members… View Article

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Apr 29

Agenda 9th PACE Meetin Prague, May 17th and 18th, 2019

The Public Affairs Community of Europe will hold its 9th Annual Meeting in Prague, on May 17-18, 2019.

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Jul 12

8th PACE Meeting Nicosia, June 1st and 2nd, 2018

The Public Affairs Community of Europe (P.A.C.E.), which gathers lobbyists national associations in the EU and public affairs professionals, will held its 8th EU annual meeting on June 1st and 2nd in Nicosia, Cyprus, hosted by the newly established Public Affairs association of Cyprus (LPAP) . This year, PACE will gather 16 National associations and… View Article

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