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“Lobbying in Europe: Czech chapter” with Václav Nekvapil, President of APAA and Board member of PACE

In order to give visibility to the vibrant Public Affairs arena in the European countries, the PACE has decided to launch a new series of online events to allow the growing community of professionals to have an in depth look at the situation of lobbying across Europe, share experiences, best practices, and connect with colleagues from other countries.

These events will consider hot political events, the lobbying situation from the regulatory and business standpoints, and will give our members the opportunity to learn and stay up to date with the lobbying scenarios abroad.

Join us for this first online event, in which we will have the pleasure to listen from Václav Nekvapil, President of APAA and Board member of PACE the latest update about the Czech Republic.

Czechia will hold the Presidency of the European Union in the second half of 2022 and this, together with its strong engagement on the side of Ukraine, brings the country in the spotlight of EU politics. The seminar will focus on domestic political situations after the recent end of populist government of Andrej Babis and Czechia’s lobbying ecosystem and regulatory culture. Vaclav Nekvapil, President of Czech Association of Public Affairs Agencies, will guide you through the complex environment and is ready to answer any questions.

All the members of the different associations will be able to access these online activities on national political and lobbying realities in different European countries.