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Irish Government in the process of enacting the Registration of Lobbying Bill 2014 

We hereby publish a communication forwarded by OECD.

OECD has informed that the Irish Government is in the process of enacting the Registration of Lobbying Bill 2014 and now wish to appoint a Head of Lobbying Regulation, who will be responsible for the set-up, management and implementation of the Lobbying Register.  As the representative for Lobbying Regulation in Ireland, he/she will promote awareness and compliance with legislation and will proactively engage with a wide spectrum of organisations, as well as, national media.  This is a new area of regulation in Ireland in which there is no pre-existing regulatory experience, and where legal principles will need to be translated into effective and efficient operational practices.  The Head of Lobbying Regulation will interact with a key part of the process of political discourse in Ireland.

As this is a new area of regulation in Ireland, therefore the Irish Government extended the invitation of potential applications from candidates with experience in this area who would be interested in supporting this work and have the ability to be the public face of lobbying regulation in Ireland.  Please see the attached job specification.


Download Final Information Booklet Head of Lobbying Regulation