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SSPA – Swiss Society of Public Affairs (

SSPA representative in P.A.C.E.
Robert P. Hilty, SSPA Secretary General & Boardmember, CEO of rph management gmbh

SSPA Objectives
The Swiss Society for Public Affairs (SSPA), as a professional interest group, pursues the purpose of sensitizing authorities and the public about the meaning and value of political, economic and cultural lobbying and its significance in the democratic decision-making process. SSPA was founded 1999. SSPA is the association of professional representatives of the interests and lobbyists. We are the only such organization in Switzerland to ensure a smooth self-regulation: We commit our members to clear rules of transparency. With an official access regulation based on this, it is clear who is entering the Federal Parliament as a lobbyist for which clients.

SSPA Code of Conduct
Adopting the code of conduct and following a one-day compliance training is mandatory to become a full member of SSPA.
The main aim of our code of conduct is the promotion of:

a. the integrity and professionalism of its members;
b. the acceptance and recognition of the profession in the public and towards politics and administration;
c. the transparency for the lobbying activities.

The SSPA Code of Conduct complements the “Lisbon Code” of 3 November 1989. The Lisbon Code is an integral part of this code of conduct and is annexed to it.