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5th Annual PACE meeting | Vienna, Austria

5th Annual PACE meeting | Vienna, Austria

Transparency and regulation in lobbying: these are the topics that lobbyists’ national associations coming from all around Europe discussed in their fifth conference that took place in Vienna on May 7th and 8th, 2015. 

The meeting was promoted by the Public Affairs Community of Europe (P.A.C.E.), the only platform gathering national organizations of European public affairs professionals and lobbyists. The Austrian Public Affairs Association (OePAV) hosted this year’s meeting, which gathered representatives from national associations from 16 European countries, as well as speakers from the OECD, Transparency International, and Brussels-located organizations (SEAP, EPACA).

P.A.C.E. members actively spoke about the misbalanced criticism on lobbying while a political discussion about how a modern and open democracy works should be established. Furthermore, EU-member countries should take the European Joint Transparency Register as a blue-print for potential national lobbying-regulations and promote balanced guidelines for national regulations and good practices. 


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