Transparency Interests Democracy

Belgium – Bepact


Bepact representative in P.A.C.E.
Rodolphe Van Nuffel, Bepact member and Head of Corporate Affairs at Deliveroo

The Association and Bepact’s Objectives
Bepact stands for the ‘Belgian Public Affairs Community’ and groups Public Affairs professionals in Belgium, allowing them to share their knowledge and experience. Bepact also wants to be a focal point about Public Affairs in Belgium. The association has drawn up a Charter of Ethical Conduct with a view to a further professionalization and better understanding of the profession. This Charter implements one of the objectives in Bepact’s articles of association. Bepact has been founded in 2016.

Bepact Code of Conduct
Bepact’s Charter of Ethical Conduct provides Public Affairs professionals with a clear ethical framework within which they must operate. This Charter is founded on three core values, namely transparency, integrity and respect. This Charter also wishes to clarify the nature of the profession of Public Affairs professionals and as such is a clear signal to the outside world. Bepact thus provides an answer to the demand for transparency and ethics in the relationship between Public Affairs professionals, the world of politics and other stakeholders.