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4th Annual PACE Conference – Berlin, May 22nd-23rd


The 4th PACE annual Conference, organized by the member organization de’ge’pol,  will take place in Berlin on May 22nd and 23rd. With respect to the current legal developments, the debate will be focused on lobby control efforts in Brussels and on the national level of EU Member States. Moreover, de’ge’pol is dedicated to create an opportunity for participants to both exchange opinions and ideas about public affairs and to shape the future of PACE.

The conference will begin on Thursday, May 22nd at 10.30 am and end on Friday May 23rd at noon. Please see the following agenda for details. The venue will be announced within the next days. The keynote speak will be held by the Minister of State at the chancellery, Dr. Helge Braun (to be confirmed).

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Draft agenda (as per March 28th) 

„Democracy needs interest representation“



Open to a selected group of the public

10.30   Arriving

11.00   Welcoming (Dominik Meier, de’ge’pol)

11:15  Introduction (PACE General Secretariat – Giuseppe Mazzei and Micol Bertoni)

11.30   EU regulation on lobbying report from Brussels (SEAP, EPACA,…) – to be confirmed

12:00  OECD talk: common paths on transparency – to be onfirmed

13:00 Lunch

14.00   Country reports (Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, …)

16:00  Insights of non-PACE members

Evening reception by degepol

19.30   Welcoming (Dominik Meier, de’ge’pol)

19.45   Keynotes speak – Minister of State at the Chancellery Dr. Helge Braun (to be          confirmed)

20.15   Buffet, Socializing



internal Meeting in the office of de’ge’pol 

08.30   Welcoming and presentation of ideas for the future strategy and organization of    PACE

10:30 planning: next steps

11.00   scheduling the next PACE annual meeting, Aob

11.30   early Lunch (optional)


Download the complete agenda and the information to find de’ge’pol office: Invitation-and-agenda_4th-EU-Meeting-of-PACE_Berlin

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