Transparency Interests Democracy

Italy – Giuseppe Mazzei


Giuseppe Mazzei (Rotondella, 1953) is a journalist, essayist and Italian Professor. He is Director of Institutional Relations of the Allianz Group since 2004.
He studied theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University and graduated in Philosophy at the ‘University of Rome La Sapienza. Student of Karl Popper, he specialized in Humanities and Social Sciences. President of  “Il Chiostro – per la trasparenza delle lobby”.
Il Chiostro is an association that wants to promote the culture, practice and regulation in representing the interests of transparency.
 Il Chiostro wants to help change this simplistic approach to lobbying, with four objectives:
1. disseminate the values ​​and culture of pluralism and democracy open to dialogue with anyone who has to represent the legitimateinterests of public decision-makers;
2. outline a clear identity of lobbying, as distinct from others with which he is still confused and it is improperly treated and disseminate their characteristics in public;
3. obtain a clear, simple and untainted by prejudice;
4. contribute to an appropriate interdisciplinary training based on sound ethical values ​​of lobbyists.