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Malta – Fabio Giangolini

Dott Fabio Giangolini is an Italian marketing professional and journalist. Dott. Giangolini has been the Marketing Manager of two of the biggest gaming establishments in Malta as well as a local NGO, and has been instrumental in the set-up of their marketing and PR departments and procedures. He has also worked extensively in advertisement, handling an ample portfolio of clients operating in the field of luxury developments, insurance, automotive, home furniture, jewellery, sports attire and music events, among others.Dott. Giangolini is a freelance military journalist specialized in counterterrorism. In Malta he has collaborated with Television Malta News,, and The Sunday Circle. Dott. Giangolini has completed a University degree in “Scienze della Comunicazione”, indirizzo “Comunicazione Istituzionale e d’ Impresa” (Bachelor of Communications with Honours in Marketing) at the University “La Sapienza” in Rome and a Masters in Marketing Management at Midiform Srl.
Strategic Communications is an advertising and PR agency offering a full range of integrated solutions to reach its clients’ marketing and communications objectives. Among Strategic Communications’ latest achievement was the introduction of QR code advertising to Malta in March 2011.
The agency operates in three main areas:
 Marketing: campaign planning, media buying, brand development, marketing consultancy, graphic design.
Corporate Communications & PR: building an execution of PR campaigns, organization of press conferences, image consulting.
E-services: design of websites, search engine optimization, social media marketing.
Strategic Communications’ corporate website can be found on