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Germany – de’ge’pol

de’ge’pol – German Association of Political Consultants (

de’ge’pol representative in P.A.C.E.
Dominik Meier, de’ge’pol Chairman and Owner and Managing Director of Miller & Meier Consulting GmbH

The Association
de’ge’pol was founded in Berlin on 25th May 2002. De’ge’pol is the first association of professional German-speaking political consultants. Members of the association are active in the fields of Public Affairs, campaign consulting, and policy consulting in various European countries. They are engaged in agencies, businesses, organizations, parties or independently.

de’ge’pol Objectives
Since its formation, the de’ge’pol gradually advanced to an important contact within its line of business and became the leading association for political consultants in Germany. This is shown by the leading role in the development of criteria for quality management for political consultants as well as an increasing presence in the discussion on transparency within the area of political consulting. Furthermore the de’ge’pol is the partner of most important associations for political consultants on the European and international level. Due to these partnerships de’ge’pol takes part in strategic considerations. de’ge’pol is independent, non-partisan, and is exclusively sustained by honorary work. The members’ convention elects the executive committee for a period of three years.

de’ge’pol Code of Conduct
The de’ge’pol Code of Conduct was adopted by the de’ge’pol General Assembly in 2003. Since then, all degepol members have committed themselves to compliance with the Code. In the case of violations of the Code of Conduct, there is a multi-stage procedure that can not only lead to a warning and reprimand but can also result in exclusion from the association.