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France – Eric Shell

Born in 1958 Master in law Graduate in Political Sciences Paris Graduated from C.P.A (Business training centre) Paris 1997 15 years’ experience working with local authorities on missions concerning cabinet management, managing economic development and international promotion, complemented in 2000 with expert and advice practice within the Schell & Associés office in very different professions:
professional corporations and federations, banks, transport, chemistry, pharmacy, regional planning, etc. whilst maintaining an international outlook through regular canvassing missions and research abroad. AFCL, the association of the French lobbyists, has been founded as far as 1991 with a specific code of conduct and ethics, compulsory for the now 36 active members from 23 various size companies. Members gather regularly for general meetings, news exchange through the internet and they also attend 6 permanent working groups, the one on Europe is chaired by Eric Schell. Ongoing regulation rules with the Senate and the National Assembly are mainly focussed as well as developing decisions on the register of interests in Brussels. AFCL is currently in contact with the OECD discussing future principles on transparency and risky business for lobbying companies. AFCL is ready to have regular contacts with other national lobbyists’ organisations through Europe and warmly welcome Il Chiostro’s initiative.