Transparency Interests Democracy

Czech Republic – Vaclav Nekvapil

The Association of Public Affairs Agencies (APAA) was launched in May 2012. APAA associates personal and legal entities that provide services in the field of public affairs with a goal to harmonize private and public interests, to enhance mutual communication between business sphere and state administration, and to contribute to mutual understanding between different interest groups.

Individual companies participating in the Association are convinced of the importance of this field and the necessity to spread information about public affairs among general public. Therefore, APAA creates a space for discussion. The Association pays heed to the development within the field and education of its members through organizing seminars, conferences and frequent meetings.

The key objective of the Association is the effort to reach higher transparency, openness and professionalism, through supervision over the members´ compliance with the Code of Conduct, and to ultimately improve the reputation of the public affairs industry in the Czech Republic.

Since the Association was established, its president has been Mr. Vaclav Nekvapil, who is the Managing Director of CEC Government Relations Prague. Vaclav’s public affairs expertise is especially strong in ICT, international transport and EU affairs, as well as electoral campaign strategy, networking, and building relations with stakeholders. He speaks Czech, English, and French.