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Cyprus – Mary Pyrgos

1990 Mary Pyrgos founds PYRGOS Public Relations and PYRGOS CONGRESS
1990-2007 Mary Pyrgos is Founder and Managing Director of PPR and PYRGOS CONGRESS
1979-2007 Mary Pyrgos handles with great success Public Relations campaigns for the promotion of many
Non -governmental Organizations and the reform of legislation
1980-1983 Editor of the newspaper “Equal Rights Equal Responsibilities
1984-1990 Mary Pyrgos is involved in Politics and is a candidate for Member of Parliament.
During this period she is responsible for organizing many campaigns, conferences and events
1980-1999 Mary Pyrgos is involved in research and has written three sociohistorical books and many articles
1989-1991 Mary Pyrgos teaches at the Police Academy
1992 Member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (UK)
1993 Member of the Cyprus Public Relations Professionals Association
1993 Member of CERP
1993 Member of Cyprus Chamber of Commerce
2001 Member of the Cyprus association of Mediators
2003 Member of the Council of Professional Women’ Association
2008 Member of the Board of the Cyprus-Germany business Assocation
2007 President and founder of Fimonoi Foundation
2007 Founder and President of ‘The House of Europe’ in Cyprus
2003-2004 Secretary of the Cyprus Mediation Association
2004 PR consultant of the Professional Women’ Association
2001-2004 Co-ordinator of the Global Action Committee for the elimination of violence in the family
1998-2001 President of the Cyprus Public Relations Professionals Association
1993 Member of the Council of CERP
1978-1999 Served as President or Public Relations consultant in many organizations
1980-2004 Mary Pyrgos attended many Conferences abroad (Εurope, Australia Africa)
and visited officially China and USA.