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Bulgaria – Boris Karakushev


Boris Karakushev (Sofia, 1977) has degrees in Ecology, Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development, Global Management and Leadership. He has 10 years track record mainly in the Environmental field working as Business Development manager for consultancy companies.

He has experience in Project Management for large infrastructure projects financed by EU Funds. He is memberof the economical team of United People’s Party in Bulgaria. UPP is created in 2008 with headquarter in Sofia, Bulgaria as a political party. The financial system includes own profit as member fees, copyrights, contributions and State grant. There are 13000 members. There is NGO associated to UPP called “Institute for Politics and Development” (IPD). IPDs objectives are:
– to encourage the enterprising and to develop environment for economic development;
– to assist the development of the civil society and to strengthen the democracy;
– to contribute for the implementation of the principle of equal opportunities in all sectors of the community;
– to provide visibility for all community important issues;
– to develop and implement best practices and model of governmental, civil and political development as a part of the strategy for integration of the country;
– to be recognized as a partner of the international institutions for implementation of economical, social and culture research and political projects.